Wellness Over Waterfalls

Wellness over Waterfalls

A Private Paradise to Hold Your Retreats Near Beautiful Max Patch

Group Meditation

Group Massage

Group Yoga/Pilates


Clients will experience your craft amongst the elements that make Wellness Over Waterfalls so unique; the life-giving Sun, the healing waters, the Earth, and, of course, completely surrounded by the richness and grandiosity of naturally falling water.  You will be practicing the art you’ve spent years perfecting within this national park-like setting. 

Day Package (10am-2:45pm)    


You’ll have the property to yourselves during the height of the day.  If you find other wellness professionals to round out your group and share in the cost, we can we help find your partner at no extra charge (this applies only to Day Packages).  If the weather’s not accommodating we can provide you with a rain check/credit for another available day of your choice.  There are restrictions so contact us for availability. 


Dusk/Dawn Package (10am – 10am)

$500 plus “Windows” nightly rate

Take the entire day and spend the night!  We know how sometimes the best times are at sunrise and sundown, so we’d like to offer the Day Package along with the additional cost of the going Windows over Waterfalls rate – so check for availability and pricing right here.  We typically have a minimum 2 night’s stay, but we’ll wave it for a retreat. Keep in mind the house sleeps a maximum of six, possibly eight. If it does rain hard enough for you to cancel, we can either help you save the day and offer a large high-top tent with sidewalls for an additional charge, or provide you with a credit for a day package at a later date. The nightly fee is not refundable and you are welcome to spend the night. 

Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience surrounded by the sights and sounds of Waterfalls